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*Understanding the *Full Title* name – The ‘first’ name is the Cattery the kitten was born into, followed by the actual name. The ‘last’ name of the cat, beginning with ‘of’ is always the Cattery into which the kitten is going or has gone into.

Example: Emberhearth Hershey Nugget, Little Tabby Dude (LTD) of Amorino

First NameActual NameLast Name
EmberhearthHershey Nugget, Little Tabby Dude (LTD)of Amorino

About the Chantilly Family (More coming soon)

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acey Chantilly
*Full Title*: Acey of Cacao
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frosty chantilly
Full Title: Amorino Frosty of Cacao
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Chantilly Cat From Cats 101
Hershey Nugget
Full Title: Emberhearth Hershey Nugget, Little Tabby Dude (LTD) of Amorino  

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Full Title: Emberhearth Cadeautju (Katie) of Armorino
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Chantilly Mica
Full Title: Opurrtune Mica (Short for made in Canada) of Emberhearth

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Full Title: Opurrtune Les Nuage Lilas of Amorino

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Chantilly Oreo
Full Title: Acaramia Double Stuffed Oreo  
(2002) – (present)
Breed: (Chantilly/Tiffany)/(Ragdoll) Crossbreed
Sex: Male