Our Mission

Too often, classic and ancient feline breeds are forgotten and replaced by the new and trendy. Though these new breeds can be fascinating, failure to recognize, and allowing the extinction of the ancient felines that contributed to their genetics, is not only losing a piece of history, but also losing the strength and health in the lineage. We must preserve the health and strength of the original historic breeds, they are a splendid part of our history, and idolized by some cultures, but in the past before deeper understanding of genetics, some breeders carelessly manipulated and mixed the breeds, and eliminated the original linage lines, often times the new breeds can develop devastating health problems, leaving breeders scrambling to find strong healthy breeds to repair the damage done. Eliminating the original Historic breeds is one of the major reasons newer breeds fail. Inspired by Thai Cat feline breeders and their many years of preserving their historic ancient felines, our mission is to rebuild and preserve a classic style American feline, the Chantilly/Tiffany. A smaller feline with an easy going nature, and dog like (stay by your side, play fetch) personality. A feline that is easy to care for and fits in easily into our modern busy lives. We wish to bring this loving, people friendly North American beauty back to brighten homes and warm the hearts of families. And also bring recognition to the ancient breeds that contributed to their genetic background.

chantilly collage
Top Left: Photograher Denise Pierce Top Middle: Cats Magazine January 2000 – Tracy Oraas’s Photo Top Right: Opurrtune Fax O’ Life Cat Fancy Magazine 1997 Tracy Oraas’s Photo Bottom Left: http://www.breeds.traditionalcats.com/breedinfo/faqtfny/faqtiffany.html Bottom Middle: Emberhearth Hershey Nugget LTD of Amorino Cats 101 Animal Planet Bottom Left: Cats Magazine Photgraher Chris Mella.