Full Title: Amorino Frosty of Cacao Criadero

(02/14/2008)-(October 2015)

Sex: Male

Color: chocolate

Location of Birth: Amorino – Southern Illinois (Owner: Anne Davenport-Parini)

Location of Death: Cacao Criadero – Norway (Owner: Norma Hübenbecker)

Biography: This handsome chocolate beauty entered the world on Valentines day 2008, at Amorino cattery in southern Illinois. In 2012 frosty stared with his grandfather Nugget in a season 4 episode of Animal Planet’s Cats 101 about the Chantilly.  On September 23, 2012, Frosty was brought to Norway, to his new home at Cacao Criadero. Frosty produced only one kitten named Acey with Nova. The lilac beauty was born February 2013.  Frosty had to be put down due to Cancer of the intestine in October of 2013.

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