Full Title: Emberhearth Cadeautju (Katie) of Armorino

Sex: Female

Color: Blue

Mother(Dam): Morning Glory

Location of Birth: Unknown

Location of Death: Southern Illinois (Owner: Anne Davenport – Owner of Armorino Cattery)


In December of 2001 a new Cattery became part of the Chantilly breeding program. The Cattery begin with Hersey Nugget from Emberhearth. It was called Amorino Cattery, the name meaning “Infant Cupids”. Cadeautju (Katie for short) was part of Amormino’s breeding program. Her name translated into little blue present. She was shy around strangers, but very close with her family. A solid Black Chantilly named Bella was her first kitten. She was a very good mother, and took care of her kittens. Squabbles never lasted long when she was around. Katie produced lots of babies in her lifetime, she later died due to a heart problem.


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